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1974 206BII, C-FEBH


Avionics:  GNC-150XL GPS,  SL-40  Com,  KT-, 76A- TXP,  NPX-138 FM,  Kanad 406 elt,  AMS-43 Audio panel

Additional equipment:  AAI Front and rear Should harness kit,  Bleed air heater,  Airframe fuel filter,  1500Lb Uframe cargo hook kit,  On board Cargo hook,  Bell litter kit,  ,  Particle Separator,  205 style cyclic grip,  Bell snow deflectors,  Dart Cargo mirror,  Concorde lead acid battery,  ,  Kflex drive shaft,  Dart bear paws,  Par avion auto relight kit,  Nicad oil filter,  Van horn,  VR-1 Main blades.

Price: $275,000  USD

1995 AS-350-B2 For Sale Or CDN Lease


SN: 2907
TTSN: 7053.1

Price: 949,000.00 USD

Repainted with new glass and 12 year inspection completed March-2020. Utility Configured, On board hook with load meter, FDC intake filter kit, Late model Dart Utility basket, Dart bear paws, Dart litter kit with stretcher, Dart Squirrel cheeks, Dart long line window, ECL High skid gear, Stainless steel lifetime heater lines, Appareo camera, AVK Cycle counter, GTX-327 TXP, GTR-225 Garmin com, AMS-44 Audio controller, TFM-138B FM, Mid continent Digital Attitude indicator and Directional gyro, ECL dual battery kit, Tanis pre heat kit, Full set of winter covers, Dual controls, and Ground handling wheels!

Located Kamloops B.C. Canada
Please direct inquiries to Brad Emsland at 250.554.4202.
Email : brad@westcanaircraft.com

1991 Bell 206L-3+


SN: 51529
TTSN: 21,397

Price: $660,000 USD

Commercially operated aircraft, well maintained and complete records. Service Instruction SI-2052 complied with for L3+ conversion. See links for details.

Please direct inquiries to Brad Emsland at 250.554.4202.