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PT6T-3DF Governor

P/N 3244885-5

Fuel Nozzle
PT6T3D/DF Fuel Nozzle Kit

P/N 3054522-01 & 3054520-01

Tail Rotor Blade
Tail Rotor Blade
Only 2 Available!

P/N 406-016-100-119

TR Blade Assembly
Tail Rotor Blade Assembly

P/N 355A12-0040-14

Tail Rotor Hub
Tail Rotor Hub

P/N 206-011-810-139

Tarsyn 3-Axis Gyro

P/N 4020936-904

Tarsyn 3-Axis Gyro

P/N 2593996-333

VHF/FM Transceiver

P/N 081252-1-10 - S/N FDB4785


Helicopter Taxi

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