LCR-100 AHRSLCR-100 AHRSLCR-100 AHRSLCR-100 AHRS Certification
  • LCR-100 AHRS
  • LCR-100 AHRS
  • LCR-100 AHRS
  • LCR-100 AHRS Certification


P/N 145130-7010


This LCR-100 AHRS is well know for being lightweight, low volume and low power loss while still delivering high precision and outstanding reliability. With fibre optic gyroscopes and the development of sensors based on MEMS technology, this unit provides extremely precise sensor data. Contact us today to learn more.

Exchanges or Outright sales are available. MOD 25.

LCR-100 AHRS EASA/Form One Certification

**Export license required outside of Canada**